Christian F. Paul

Christian F. Paul

Current Scope of Practice

Christian F. Paul has 30 years of experience in the law, the first eight as a paralegal / litigation assistant, the last 22 as an attorney.  Mr. Paul has concentrated on civil litigation, including construction and real property matters, business litigation, personal injury cases, and enforcement of judgment, as well as select family law and professional negligence cases.  He has also counseled individuals and small businesses about their personal and business affairs, and has represented clients in bankruptcies, both as debtors and creditors, including Bankruptcy Court litigation.  Mr. Paul has handled cases in Superior Courts throughout California and in the Central and Southern District Bankruptcy Courts.  Mr. Paul has an enviable record of success in trials and arbitrations, about 90% as of 2014, whether representing plaintiffs or defendants.

Representative Matters

In a 15-day jury trial, Mr. Paul represented an attorney in a $1.7 million malpractice action in Orange County Superior Court and obtained for his client a defense verdict and over $48,000 in costs (mostly expert fees; no attorney fees clause in the contract).  Also in Orange County, Mr. Paul obtained a jury award of $64,000 in principal, plus $11,000 in costs and $153,000 in attorney fees after a two-week trial for a client whose original claim was $42,000.  Mr. Paul represented a contractor sued in San Mateo Superior Court for a multi-million dollar claim when a hotel parking structure collapsed, resulting in a large settlement to which Mr. Paul’s client was the only defendant who did not have to contribute anything.  Mr. Paul also obtained a six-figure jury award in Victorville Superior Court for a driver injured in a collision with a truck even though the jury saw film of the injured driver working at construction jobs.  Mr. Paul achieved a confidential settlement at the eve of trial in San Diego Superior Court for an artist whose kidney cancer was blamed on the paint she used after her main expert witness testified that he could not see how the paint could have caused the injuries, given the way she used it.  In Los Angeles Superior Court, Mr. Paul defended a divorced father accused by the County of being a deadbeat dad owing the County $50,000 in unpaid child support by proving with 10 years’ worth of records that the father had actually paid the mother some $25,000 more than he was obligated to pay, and won a judgment for that amount (which the father did not want to collect from his ex-wife).

Affiliations, Activities, Accomplishments

Christian Paul was admitted to the California Bar in December 1992, and is admitted to practice before all California courts and the Federal courts in the Central and Southern Districts of California.  He has served as a judge pro tempore handling settlement conferences in Orange County Superior Court and has served as an arbitrator handling attorney-client fee disputes for the Orange County Bar Association.  While still in law school, he prepared all the pleadings and arguments for writ petitions to the California Court of Appeal that resulted in two published opinions, both favorable to the clients.


Mr. Paul holds a Juris Doctor degree in law from the University of San Diego School of Law, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in psychology from the University of California San Diego, and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology summa cum laude from the University of California Santa Barbara. 

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